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HER INESCAPABLE BRAVE MISSION, directed by Celia Aniskovich with Executive Producer, the legendary Sam Pollard, is a story of fear, adrenaline, ambition, determination, hubris, courage, and perseverance against the odds. An emotional and transformational journey for anyone who has ever found themselves, inescapably, on the edge of a cliff.


I hope this film will motivate you: to do the thing people say you cannot do, to be the person you want to be, to show kindness and acceptance even when it’s not easy, to work to change the future. To hope - against all odds - to hope.

In an industry where women with disabilities are not only underrepresented in making movies, but also starring in them, I am producing a feature documentary film about my life and a phenomenal group of people who joined me on a daring and dangerous expedition.

Directed by Celia Aniskovich. 
Executive Produced by Academy Award nominated filmmaker Sam Pollard. 

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